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Shooting Sports

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Youth Leadership Team

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About Hoppin’ N’ Trottin’

The Hoppin’ N’ Trottin’ 4-H Club, founded in 2010, boasts a membership of over 90 members in the Swanton area of Fulton County. Our members are engaged in a wide range of projects, such as horses, rabbits, steers, poultry, hogs, goats, dog training, and shooting sports, among others.

We are an active group and can often be found participating in various activities, such as shooting at Cleland’s Outdoor World or Fulton County Sportsmen Club, horse riding at Harry Hughes, attending 4-H camps, showcasing our horse, rabbit, and other projects at the Ohio State Fair, and enjoying water fights, cookouts, parades, and shooting during the summer months.

However, the most exciting time for our club is undoubtedly during the Fulton County Fair, which we eagerly anticipate every year.


Giving Back

At Hoppin’ N’ Trottin’ 4-H Club, community service is a top priority, and we take pride in giving back to our local community through various service projects. As a result, we have received both the Honor Club Award and Community Service Club Award, recognizing our commitment to service.

Our older members are active in leadership roles such as the junior fair board, camp counselors, and junior fair royalty. They are role models to our younger members, providing guidance and inspiration to help them achieve their goals.

We believe in fostering a positive and supportive environment, and our older members serve as excellent mentors to our younger members. With their guidance, our younger members are able to develop strong skills and leadership qualities as they pursue their projects.

Age Guidelines

If you are between 8 (and in the third grade) and 18 and seeking an exciting and fulfilling activity that offers opportunities to make new friends, engage with your community, learn new skills, and have fun, we warmly invite you to join our club.

Cloverbud Program

Hoppin’ N’ Trottin’ also has a Cloverbud Program specifically designed for young children between the ages of 5 (in kindergarten) and 8 (in the third grade). This program is an excellent way to introduce young children to the 4-H community and its values, providing them with a safe and welcoming space to learn, grow, and explore.

Enrollment Deadlines

While the enrollment deadline to take a project for the fair is April 1st, we are always eager to welcome new members throughout the year. Whether you are interested in horses, rabbits, steers, poultry, hogs, goats, dogs, shooting sports, or any other projects, our club offers a wide range of activities that cater to different interests.

We believe that being part of our club offers numerous benefits, including developing leadership skills, building self-confidence, and gaining a sense of community involvement. By joining us, you will become part of a close-knit group of like-minded individuals who share similar interests and are committed to helping each other succeed. So, if you are looking for a fun and enriching activity, please consider joining us today.

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Contact Us

We would be delighted to provide you with more information about our 4-H club or answer any questions you may have about the 4-H program. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at any time. Our club advisors are always available to assist you and are happy to share their knowledge and experiences with you. You can contact us through email, phone, or social media, and we will do our best to respond to your queries in a timely manner. Thank you for your interest in our club and the 4-H program!