Officer Information

Officers are a key part of our club’s organizational structure.


  • Main club executive
  • Run YLT and general club meetings
  • Organize and call meetings
  • Call special committees

Vice President:

  • Assist the president
  • Fill the presidential role when the president is absent.


  • Take attendance at every YLT and general club meetings and events
  • Take note of who leads the Pledge of Allegiance and 4-H Pledge at each meeting
  • Take note of who makes motions and who seconds motions
  • Keep notes of what was discussed and decided at each meeting
  • Write down what events and meetings are coming up
  • Collect reports from mini club representatives
  • Write down the treasury report
  • Write down any tasks assigned to be completed
  • After meetings type up minutes and send to YLT and /or club
  • If it happens at a meeting write it down!


  • Maintain club financial records
  • Report on club account balances and account activities
  • Submit reports for audit by the extension office
  • Write and sign checks/maintain the checkbook
  • Good attendance is required.


  • Report on club activities and manage the Facebook page/website
  • Take pictures

Parlementarian, Safety Officer, Community Service Officer positions available in Club bylaws.

Mini Club Representative:

  • Take notes of what happens at your mini club meetings (horses, rabbits, goats, hogs, archery, etc.)
  • Send request for any needs from the club to the club President/ a YLT member
  • Send/ give the secretary your report for each meeting  
  • Help plan what will happen at your respective mini club meetings
  • Assist advisors in leading meetings
  • Sample documents are available to fill in to make this position as easy as possible. Meeting notes may be recorded on paper or electronically.
  • If it happens at your mini club meeting write it down!