Hoppin’ n’ Trottin’ Bylaws

Article 1: Name and Objectives

Section 1:

The name of this organization shall be the Hoppin’ n’ Trottin’ 4-H Club.

Section 2:

This shall be a nonprofit organization for the purpose of promoting education through 4-H club work.

Section 3:

This club will work with boys and girls to help them grow into productive, contributing members of our society. The club will offer fun, active opportunities for personal learning and growth through club meetings, projects, hands-on learning, leadership opportunities, fairs and activities.

Article 2: Membership

Section 1:

The club will follow the current Ohio 4-H policy requirements that define eligibility age for membership. Members will be accepted without regard to race, color, sex, disability, religion, or nation origin at anytime during the year. This club will accept Cloverbud 4-H members.

Section 2:

All members should be engaged in at least one 4-H educational project or activity each year, and will complete and turn in a project record form or other appropriate paperwork summarizing their educational activity.

Section 3:

All members are to complete a Demonstration to the club at a regular meeting. There is to be one demo for each project enrolled into for the year.

Section 4:

All members are to participate in one Community Service project per project enrolled into. The Community Service project may be done as a club, or done as an individual if approved by an advisor.

Article 3: Officers and Elections

Section 1:

The officers of the club may be president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, reporter, parliamentarian, health and safety officer and community service officer.

Section 2:

Officers shall be elected by majority vote annually from the membership at the soonest convenience of the club following the April 1st 4-H enrollment deadline. Officers shall serve for one year.

Section 3:

Any officer position that becomes vacant shall be executively appointed. In the vacancy of the president, the vice-president shall assume the presidential role.

Article 4: Duties of Officers

Section 1:

Duties of the president:

a) to preside at all meetings of the club, enforce the bylaws and supervise the affairs of the club

b) to appoint standing and special committees

c) to help plan all club educational programs

d) to help enroll members into the club and be in charge of promotion and recruitment of new members

Section 2.

Duties of the vice-president:

a) to assist the president

b) to perform the duties of the president if that officer is absent

Section 3.

Duties of the secretary

a) to keep a full and correct record of all proceedings of the club, including the collection of reports from Min-Group Representatives (Article 6).

b) to have charge of club correspondence

c) to keep the roll and read the minutes at each meeting

Section 4.

Duties of the treasurer

a) to receive, hold and pay out all monies of the club as approved pursuant to article 8, section 4 herein

c) to keep an accurate record of the receipt and expenditures of all funds

d) to present a financial statement when requested to do so

Section 5.

Duties of the reporter

a) to report activities of the club to the membership

b) to report activities of the club to local news media

c) to report activities of the club to the county extension agent and/or in the county 4-H newsletter

d) to monitor and maintain the club website and club Facebook page with a club calendar and club information

Section 6.

Duties of the parliamentarian

a) to advise the presiding officer on parliamentary procedure

b) to instruct members in correct parliamentary procedure

Section 7.

Duties of health and safety officer

a) to work with the club advisors to develop a safety plan and safety rules for meetings and work session

b) to present occasional demonstrations on health and safety topics to the club

Section 8.

Duties of the community service officer

a) to help plan community service projects and encourage all members to participate

b) to keep an accurate record of all service activities for submission to the county extension agent

Article 5: Mini-Club Representatives

Section 1:

Mini-Club Representatives will be a voluntary leadership position with project advisor approval.

Section 2:

The duties of Mini-Club Representatives will be to preside over project area meetings and submit reports of their minutes to the secretary.

Section 3:

The project areas that will have a representative will be determined under the president and head advisors following officer elections each 4-H year.

Article 6: Meetings

Section 1:

Regular meetings of this club shall be held at least monthly March through September. More meetings may be held as agreed to by the advisors and officers and announced to the club and advertised on the website.

Section 2:

Special meetings may be called by the president or advisors.

Section 3:

Worksessions shall be held and be determined at the start of the year. Each project shall hold their own worksessions to bring their animals, projects, host shooting instruction, etc. if needed and work and learn as a group. Worksessions shall be counted as regular meetings for the purpose of minimum attendance requirements.

Section 4:

4-H Club meetings will include business, social, recreation, and learning activities.

Article 7: Procedure

Section 1:

The order of business for regular meetings is

  • Call to order
  • Pledge of Allegiance and 4-H Pledge
  • Record attendance
  • Recognition of guests/ Correspondence
  • Reading and approval of minutes
  • Reports- officers, committees, projects groups, advisor(s)
  • Old Business
  • New Business
  • Demos and Educational Program
  • Announcements
  • Adjournment
  • Recreation
  • The order of business may be altered with acceptance by officers or advisors

Article 8: Club Treasury

Section 1:

Any and all funds in the club treasury shall be held in a club bank account.

Section 2:

Authorized signatures on the club account shall include appointed club advisors, club treasurer, and club president.

Section 3:

The club bank account shall require two signatures for any withdrawal and the two signatures shall be from authorized individuals from 2 different immediate families.

Section 4:

The club’s spending will be approved by two-thirds of a committee consisting of club officers and such other members appointed by the president with a minimum quorum of 7 such persons.

Section 5:

Unless otherwise approved by majority vote of the club, all 4-H program fees and project/book fees shall be paid by the member at the time of enrollment.

Article 9: Club Disbandment

Should the club disband, the last official duty of the club’s organizational leader shall be to affect the dispersion of all property, including money, equipment and land, within six months.

This shall be approved by two-thirds of a committee consisting of club officers and advisors with a minimum quorum of 11 such persons.

All property, including money, equipment and land can only be given to eligible non-profit organizations serving youth.

Article 10: Amendments

These bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of the club by a two-thirds vote of the members present, provided that the proposed amendments have been presented to the club in writing and filed with the secretary at the previous meeting of a club. A quorum must be present for the vote. A quorum shall consist of one-third of the current years enrolled members excluding cloverbuds. Amendments must not conflict with 4-H philosophy, rules or policy.